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For Prince Fan’s Out There!!

prince.jpg As a massive Prince fan, I just love this clip!! Dave Chapelle does a brilliant Prince impression. He is exactly what I imagine Prince being like in private. Dave Chapelle is an American comedian, who had a show on Comedy Central! It was so successful that the DVD sold half a million copies on the first day off release and a million in a week!!! Heck of an achievement for a comedy DVD. It was so successful that he was offered a 50 million dollar contract, which he allegedly turned down. He explained the reasons on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and it was so refreshing to see that money does not affect everyone the same. In my opinion the only person allowed to turn down 50 million dollar contracts is Bill Gates. This particular clip is from a segment of the show where Eddie Murphy’s brother, Charley Murphy (who is quite funny) recounts days of being in his brother’s entourage. The stories are so ridiculous and silly, and clearly not true but this is the best  impression of The Purple One I have ever seen. I wonder if he ever saw it and curious to know what he thinks. ***Be warned, it has very badly bleeped swear words***


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  1. I am a huge Prince fan and I love that he hasn’t allowed the fame and money to make him any stranger than he was to begin with 😉 Thanks for the post…I keep looking for a great Prince vid to add to my pod but so far I haven’t seen anything great.

    Comment by Cat | July 6, 2007 | Reply

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