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I just can’t help it!!

Step away from the boulangerie…

scales.jpg Like all best laid plans, my attempt at weight loss or any kind of health regime has fallen by the way side. If I knew what I know now, I would have really made a bigger effort before I came France, because now I am here it is like mission impossible to get rid of the excess poids. Okay it is not mission impossible but when you have zilch willpower (like me) it is double hard.

However I really have to knuckle down and do something because the scales are so going the wrong way. If I continue at this rate, they will have to ship me back home as cargo. I have been plodding along, being quite content and doing my own thing (and eating my way through the city) but the crunch came when I went to buy a pair of trousers. My arse looked like a couple of kilos of squashed grapes stuffed in two bags about to burst. I mean white trousers favour no one unless you are Kate Moss but this looked ridiculous.

Watching my flatmate’s eating habit is fascinating. Like most men I know, he has a healthy attitude to food (why aren’t women the same). He is like a kid, he loves his bowl of chocolate milk in the morning. I kid you not, he drinks hot chocolate milk from a bowl, and he is happy to go. I think it is a French thing.  He eats three meals a day and rarely snacks in between apart from when he wants an ice cream, he has it.  He is like a creature of habit, the way he always has his fruit compote and yogurt after dinner.

Now me on the other hand, I go for the listen-to-my-body approach. And my body says its’  hungry all the time 🙂 But I think I will be trying to adopt flatmate’s habit. He’s way of eating is just common sense and old fashioned really. Three square meals a day. 

ps: any tips will be greatly appreciated. Please don’t suggest jaw wiring because that is just silly 🙂


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