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The Actual Date

yinyang.jpg After being cornered at the bank, Jean asked me to go for a drink. I said sure (as if) and that we can meet up next weekend sometime (as I said the 12th of never). He knew my MO, he wasn’t happy with that non-concrete (brush off) arrangement. So he suggests Monday, I say I am working late, he says great because he is working late too (balls). He gave me a time, and I said OK (why oh why?). He will text me on the day for a location. We do bises (French two cheek kiss) and bid each other farewell.

On Monday as promised (threathened) he texts for a location and I give him a place. I so did not want to go, I was tempted to pull a no show but I actually have some scrupples and know that I can’t. And as housemate (we have made up, kinda) suggested just go and get it over and done with. Prior to date he sends me a text stating he was looking forward to seeing me and he sends me hot kisses (gulp). I get this feeling I am going to need hands like an octopus to fight off this one. Why am I going? If I was back home this sort of carry on would not have gotten this far. Why am I making allowances because he speaks a different language? Speaking of languages, what kind of conversation are we going to have?

Too late to worry about that now, as I head off to meet him. I arrive late (hoping he is the impatient type or has the good sense to stand me up), he is there waiting for me. We head off to the bar. Drinks are ordered. We sit down and proceed to have a conversation, which is surprisingly interesting and dare I say it pleasant. The guy sitting opposite is such a different one from the text messages. He is normal, charming and interesting. The only problem was occasionally catching his eyes darting down to my breast area. But that is not the end of the world, he is a guy after all (sorry guys). At the end he asks if he can call me again, I say sure (still not totally won over but not repulsed). He does not try it on, just a customary kiss on the cheek (bonus points for him).

He sends me a text after the date to thank me for the evening and he sincerely hopes that we meet again (which was nice) but he ends the text by sending me sensual kisses (dude come on, stop with this). It reminded me why I didn’t like him in the first place. Following day he sends me text asking how my day was and of course ‘big kisses’. I reply saying it was fine and how was his? That was it. That was totally it. A minute later I receive a text saying his day was perfect and wait for it he adds, ‘Tu aimerais faire l’amour avec moi….? (wtf??????????????). I think even non-French speakers can figure out what this means but just in case he asks ‘Would you like to make love with me?’. All I asked was how his day was. It scares me to think of what he would have said if I asked something less random. Jeez I was shocked. I ask my housemate is this normal. Is this a French-thing? He laughs and says at least the guy is honest and upfront about what he wants.

I reply by asking him if he was serious and of course to tell him- hell naw. He replies, he is serious as he is very attracted to me. Even more outraged, I send him a text asking if he thinks I am easy, and if this is normal for him, it isn’t for me. He replies saying he didn’t say that but he just wanted to say how I do it for him (it was written in French and a bit hard to translate). He continues by adding that he is sorry to have angered me and he wishes me good night and of course ‘kisses’.

Housemate seems to think that he was just letting me know that he really liked me and it was forward but he might not have meant any harm. However I was pissed off. What really pisses me off was in person he was okay, quite okay in fact. The thought of seeing him again didn’t displease me. The cheeky sod had the nerve to tell me on our date that he is not the kind of guy that is all about sex, he prefers sensual things. I fell for that bollocks. To be honest I don’t know what I thought, I guess I just put it down to French guy speak. Anyway he hasn’t tried to contact me and I have to be totally honest with you, I am a bit disappointed (ashamed to admit this). I have to explain the disappointment because if housemate was right and he really liked me so much, an attempt at another apology would have proved that (does this make any sense?). But the fact he has made no contact just means that from day one, all the little slimy toad (no pun intended here) wanted was to get into my knickers.  

Am I overreacting?


October 10, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, France, Rant, Romance


  1. Brilliant I love it. Would you like to make love to me. Brilliant. hahaha
    I’ve had that sex to me in a dark dingy club at wee hours of the morning – but more along the lines of “hey you want to go back to mine and fuck?” which is usually swiftly followed by “I wouldn’t put any money on it, see you round”
    Stupid men.

    One can only try though! 😛

    Comment by The Divine Miss M | October 11, 2007 | Reply

  2. I think you would have reacted to his ‘proposal’ quite differently, if you were more than “not won over, but not repulsed” by him.
    what I am saying here is that maybe it was a direct way to express true and strong attraction, but his message didn’t resonate with you, because you’re not that into him.

    so, you’re not overacting. just because he “behaved himself” on the date, it proves nothing – we can all act nice and show restraint for a little while.

    sorry to be harsh, but what kind of man doesn’t have courage to say directly into your eyes that he’d like to have sex with you, but has the guts to leave this to the text message? text messages are for kids, not real men.

    Comment by coquetteinbed | October 11, 2007 | Reply

  3. He’s an arse. Get your trainers on and run very fast in the opposite direction.

    Comment by Jez | October 14, 2007 | Reply

  4. Right, I’ve noted down the line, if you can just give me the pronounciation and I’ll book my ticket to France.

    Bu yep, as people have said, run for it. Hell, he’s a Frog after all.

    Comment by Bunny | October 16, 2007 | Reply

  5. He sounds like a twunt! J’suis choquée!
    I know you can do better 🙂

    Comment by Despina | October 16, 2007 | Reply

  6. You made the wise choice.
    Having said that and by “listening” to your thoughts throughout the whole process… the guy never really stood a chance.

    Comment by chitty | October 16, 2007 | Reply

  7. Miss M- I guess you have to give him points for being direct (The Freak)

    Coquette – You’re right I wasn’t into him but the way he was on my date, he could have been a grower but he had other thing growing in his head (both heads)and you are right I would have had more respect for him if he did it face to face (The horny chicken)

    Jez- I ran for dear life, don’t you worry

    Bunny- If that line works on any girl, come back and tell me about it 🙂

    D- Ditto

    Chitty – To tell the truth you were right

    Comment by sugar007 | October 17, 2007 | Reply

  8. […] The thing is I am always wary of these sort of random encounters because call me weird but I think it IS weird when a man tries chatting you up within a space of seeing you for around five seconds. In my head, I think I bet he does it a lot. I imagine that the thought process for them is like fishing, cast your net wide enough your bound to catch something. Maybe I am being too harsh about this but last time this happened, it didn’t turn out well, remember Jean and the date. […]

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