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I just can’t help it!!


stress.jpg After my disastrous time with the Anti-Christ (AC), I have managed to find a place in a new area sharing with two nice girlies!! The location is great and the area has such a community feel to it. I think I am going to really enjoy it. But (there is always a but), I am so nervous about sharing again, if not petrified.

Reasons for this: When I first met the AC, he seemed nice. He had a great sense of humour and was someone that I felt that I could get on with. I was excited about moving in, and had no reservations. As the weeks passed, and as things became sour, I felt let down by my own instincts. What started off so promising, turned really ugly. I don’t really hate people, I mean I can dislike someone but it rarely, if ever turns into hatred. But I can put hand on heart and say I really hate this guy. It has come to the point, that when I hear him coughing, I pray the start of a terrible illness, or when he is eating, I wish his poele will go down the wrong hole. I am not proud of myself for these feelings but I can’t help it. He brings it out in me.

Now because of this, I am petrified about moving in with the girls because I am scared the same thing will happen. Maybe the problem is not the AC, maybe it is me. Like they say their are three sides to every story, his, mine and the truth. I have analysed, and over-analysed my situation with him, and really feel that he was the problem in this situation, but it doesn’t stop me questioning myself, my personality and my conduct.

I have the nightmare that in three months time, I will be in the same situation, looking for somewhere new to stay because I didn’t get on with my housemates. In one of my many shitty exchanges with the AC, I have said to him that I bet him any money that his new housemate will not last six months, and of course he has said the same thing back, and I have been dismissive but if I was honest the thought has crossed my mind.

I am angry that the AC has made me question the sort of person that I am but at the same time this will be a bit of a test. Because I feel if this new place does not work out then it is me with the problem.. What pressure!!


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My Latest Obsession

I have not been posting a lot because it has been mad busy for moi with moving and all, but I have a minute or two to share my latest obsession. A lot of young people in France are dancing like this, and I am just loving it. It is one of those things that is good and bad in equal measures.  Also stealing some moves 🙂 Check it out. The song is called ‘A cause des Garcons’ by YELLE. Enjoy 🙂


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‘Hiro’ Worship

heroes1.jpg I have only recently jumped on the ‘Heroes’ bandwagon and I am seriously loving it. It is such a refreshing change. My favourite character is ‘Hiro’. He is unbelievably adorable. He makes me smile everytime he is in a scene and he has such a cheery disposition. Love his character to bits. I am still on the first series and I heard the second one is not so great (say it ain’t so). It is such a great concept and the writing is top notch.


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Adios hombre

merde.jpg I have not really had much to blog about, because my life has been taken up by finding new digs. I have mentioned in earlier posts that I have been having difficulties with the spawn of satan otherwise known as my flatmate. Things came to a head and I decided to move. I told him, I did not appreciate his selfish behaviour and would be looking for alternate living arrangements. After this he came back from work the other day and I made the mistake of asking him to turn his computer on so I could have wireless connection. Before I carry on, I must explain that in his advert for the appartment, he stated that the rent included free phone use, internet connection and so forth. Well the internet is only available when he is on it. So I can’t use it till he comes home or is using it.

Anyway back to the story, I ask him to turn on his computer so that I could connect. He tells me no because since I accused him of being selfish, he was going to show me all what being selfish is all about (his words). He said I was no longer allowed to use the internet, the phone, the washing machine and wait for it…I was not allowed to use the hanging thing that you hang your clothes on. I nearly pissed myself laughing. It was the ultimate in immature behaviour. What he quickly forgets is that all these things were part of what he advertised as coming with the appartment. But I was not going to argue with someone like this. Does he think he is the only one with a washing machine in the whole of France? Adding to the fact that there is a laundrette a block away makes his threat more laughable.

A few days later when he realised how dumb his whole act was, he told me now that I have learnt my lesson that I can now resume normal services (his words). What a freak!!! Anyway I have been running around trying to find somewhere else, and he has been showing my room to potential victims. I have been really pleasant when they have come to look around but there is a huge part of me that wants to scream at them, ‘Run for your life’. Because someone like him will always have a problem with other people.

I am not claiming to be Miss Perfect but I tend to bend backwards to accomodate other people, especially in this type of situation but for him it is a case of ‘my way or no way’. I wish him luck on life because he is going to need it. If anyone deserves my feelings of schadenfreude, he does.

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