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I just can’t help it!!

Merry Christmas!!

pressies.jpg I have not blogged recently because of the beast that is Christmas, and buoy have I been feeding the beast!!!! Hence that is why I have not had the chance to comment on a lot of posts (although I have wanted to)..

Anyway just a quick one to say Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all my blog buddies, wishing everyone good times and looking forward to sharing your lives and experiences in the New Year 😉


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But I’m a laydee…

A while ago, I was tagged for this meme by Princesse. Don’t usually do them but this would be fun. With moving and all I hadn’t been able to do it…..till now.  I am about to let you into my inner sanctum, yes people you are about to get a guided tour of the contents of my handbag. Brace yourselves because it is going to a bumpy one 🙂 (Aside: Love Bette Davis, if you haven’t seen ‘All about Eve’, what are you waiting for?)


 Needs no explanation does it? You know winter, rain, bad weather, so this is an essential in my book, and has a permanent place in my bag!!

tissues-copy.jpg Okay, you can never have enough tissues, lipsyl (essential), lip gloss (necessary), a mirror (necessary), and of course hand cream. Last thing you want is some poor person mistaking your hands for a grater when they shake it!!

bagpuss-copy.jpg Travel Kit: As I have the navigation skills of a blind man in a desert, I need some help. Never go anywhere without my GPS and a map. While I am getting lost around the city I need to be entertained, that is where the CDs and my CD facia thingy comes in. Great to blast some chunes with, although I probably have the worst car stereo system in the world.

 dough-copy.jpg Money, Money, Money: At the time of taking the pictures, I had 1 euro and some change – definitely living large!!

musiq-copy.jpg “Music is the heart and soul, more precious than gold” – Marvin Gaye. Don’t worry Princesse, you are not the only one who hasn’t got an ipod. Always have my lil mp3 player on me but unfortunately I bought one of those with special headphones that comes in two parts and when that got worn out, I had to replace it with normal ones. Now I think I officially have the longest headphones in the world. Sound quality is crap!!!

pens-copy.jpg Just like lip balm, you can never have enough pens!! Don’t you dare call me Pauline..

smokes-copy.jpg Yes, I know smoking kills okay. But you can never have enough lighters. Moving swiftly on.

talk-copy.jpg I need two mobby’s. No, I am not a call girl (remember purse picture).

iron-copy.jpg Last but not the least…..  🙂 

Okay I tag: Miss M, Euro, Cat, Redflowers , Chitty, (the proud carrier of a man bag, I suspect) 🙂 With all tags, it is not compulsory but it will be fun to see what you guys have in your bags!!

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