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I just can’t help it!!

Fleeting Flirtations par email

I have not seen him in a long while but since our email exchange, I have not been able to think about anything else or wipe the silly smile off my face. Roll on Wednesday!!


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Ermmm do I know you?

 I have to admit being a single girl, I am on the look-out (yes, yes, I know it never happens when you look for it). Well I wasn’t looking for it and it happened. Well not happened, happened but happenedish or might happen. Anyway explanation necessary methinks. [Aside:I have just polished off an Auchan version of pringles in a space of ten minutes and I wonder why the scales aren’t moving in the right direction]

Back at the ranch, arrived at my bus stop carrying my Mary Poppins bag (called that because it could fit a mercedes, swimming pool and has roomfor a pony), and spent a good five minutes trying to locate my mp3 player. Found it and spent another five minutes trying to detangle the headphones. A man at the bus stop I had not paid any attention to came up to me and said in French, “Are you going to turn that on so no one speaks to you?” [Aside: My french is getting so much better yay]. I smile and say no that it is just a habit I have when I commute. So to summarise this encounter, bus stop man is from Paris, doing a course, on his way back to Paris, enquires about my relationship status and invites me to visit Paris for the weekend. To summarise my response, I tell bus stop man that I am in a relationship and my boyfriend is around (big fat lie, as if I will go to Paris to visit a guy I met at a bus stop and talked to for ten minutes. I am hungry but I have not reached starvation point, if you know what I mean). I was rescued from this uncomfortable situation by the timely arrival of my bus.

Later that day on my way back to the office, as I exit the metro via the escalators, I realise I am being one of those annoying people who stands smack in the centre of the escalator, annoying that person who wants to walk up it. I am not usually this thoughtless but I was playing with my headphones again. So a guy nudges me and I turn to him and apologise letting him past. I reach the office, trying to retrieve the keys from the MP bag and  turn around to see the same elevator guy next to me. He tells me he sells womens clothes (nice and random conversation opener), I smile and say ‘good for you’ (thinking, ooookay weirdo). Summary of conversation, he lives in Italy, visiting his sister here, is half Italian, half Trinidadian, he enquires about my place of residence, and relationship status and he doesn’t carry a pen or a phone 😉

As you can probably deduce, I decided to give him my number because besides the weird ice breaker, it was quite a normal pleasant conversation and I thought I shouldn’t be soooo cautious all the time. Do something crazy and give a random stranger your phone number. As he didn’t have a pen and as I couldn’t be bothered rooting inside MP bag to get one, he memorised my number. One of my flatmates thinks he will remember it and the other thinks he will forget it. I am hinging my bets on the latter. I have had my number for over a year and I still don’t know it by heart, so what chance has he got. We shall see.

The thing is I am always wary of these sort of random encounters because call me weird but I think it IS weird when a man tries chatting you up within a space of seeing you for around five seconds. In my head, I think I bet he does it a lot. I imagine that the thought process for them is like fishing, cast your net wide enough your bound to catch something. Maybe I am being too harsh about this but last time this happened, it didn’t turn out well, remember Jean and the date.

I would be really interested to hear the weirdest and most random ways and places you have met people you have dated, or gone out with or even married.

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My Top Ten Hotties

Cat did this on her blog and I am totally nicking it. Here is my Top 10 list of men that I fancy something rotten. I have to warn you, who people fancy is a  subjective thing, so remember that when you lol at some of my choices 🙂

10. Dave Chappelle

One of the funniest comedians in my opinion. He is skinny bordering on scrawny but I think he is luvvly. The fact he is funny adds to his appeal.

9. Benecio del Toro

I have a penchant for the older man and here is one of them. The thing with BDL as I like to call him is on most days he looks like a cross between Saddam Hussein, a werewolf, a homeless guy and Che Guevra. He has the look of someone who smokes 60 a day and drinks his whisky neat, just damn right unhealthy but God I love him.

8. Adam Sevani

Here comes the cradle robbing entry. This falls under the category of nerdy cute.  I have to admit if it wasn’t for the fact that he could do this, I am not sure if I would still harbour the same feelings. I am a sucker for a man who can breakdance, tap dance, pop and lock, tektonik, krump, tango, salsa, do ballet basically just dance. I mean dance that uses skill not just flapping about like an eel on dry land. Besides Adam also has great hair.

7. Alejandro Sanz

This latin love god for me has that husky voice that could makes me swoon. When he is not busy being Shakira’s duet buddy, he is being adored by lots of females, me included.

6. Harold Perrineau

Most of you know him from’Lost’ but I fell in love with him when he was the wheelchaired inmate in ‘OZ’ (really recommend this series). He has this overbite that I find extremely cute. Did I mention I like guys with ‘quirks’?

5. Liam Neeson

Another ‘mature’ bloke. I think he is extremely sexy, and he is about 7ft something (ok slight exaggeration) but he is fit. Okay this picture makes him look 100 and something but honestly he is well fit 🙂 I really love his kinda of broken nose. Yes I am peculiar.

4. William Peterson

Yes another ‘mature’  one and can you blame me. As Grissom in CSI, he is smart and nerdy but that all adds to his appeal. He is like fine wine, just gets better with age!!

3. Colin Salmon

One of the most underrated British actors in my opinion. He is so suave and smooth, without being a nob with it. First noticed him in Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren, and knew he was one to keep an eye on. I have kept my eye on him ever since 😉

2. Matthew Mcconaughy

This is not just about his chiseled good looks or seriously hot bod, I actually don’t go for that kind of thing but I like his free spirit and his naked bongo playing type escapades. He just doesn’t give a damn.

1. Gary Dourdan

Let’s ignore his recent drug possession charge shall we and just appreciate his loveliness. I mean even on his mug shot he manages to look okayish 🙂 Fans of CSI will recognise him as Warwick, but I have appreciated him since he was on ‘Different World’ yonks ago.

I am not going to tag anyone to do this but I sure would be interested to find out what sort of guy or gal gets other bloggers going.

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Accessory to Infidelity? Part deux

In the morning following J’s return from her guitar strumming hippie fest, the atmosphere was so dense, you could cut it with a knife. This had nothing to do with the folded up blankets on the couch. This was more to do with J’s annoyance that G knew she was going to be back last night but was not home to paricipate in some kind of welcome-home-I-missed-you ritual. To add insult to injury, G stumbled in at 0230 in the morning.

In the morning, G got up first to Girl’s astonishment as she was the one out on the lash the night before. Girl promptly informed G that J had inquired as to who slept over here. The breakfast table was a bit of an awkward affair for Girl, as she could sense J’s annoyance at G, and G’s awareness of J’s annoyance. The day before J had told Girl that G had not called or sent a text while she was away, which also annoyed her and gave her the impression that G did not miss her or frankly give a shit. J had asked Girl if G was away alot at the weekend. Girl who is hating this replies that G has been ‘in and out’. 

Donc, back to the breakfast table. The moment Girl has been dreading came up, J asked who stayed over. G with a coolness that Fonzie would be proud of informs her it was Melissa. At this point Girl takes a more than usual interest in the jar of Nutella that was in her sight. The nutty smell is the key to this sinfully glorious spread. Wow!! Girl marvelled at the unsurprising 530 calories that was in a 100g of this stuff. So what does that make a teaspoon. As Girl was spreading a possible 530 calories worth of Nutella on her Wasa (Ryvita type thing), she casts a furtive eye at J to gauge her reaction. Girl swore she saw a lump form in J’s throat. Girl cannot bear to look at G. J with the quiet dignity of a Tudorian Queen sips her coffee, and acts as if she has been told that she has a piece of fluff on her jumper. The sense of hurt is palpable.

Alone with G, she looks at Girl and cheerily informs her that J was fine about it. Girl asks G if she really thought that J was not bothered, which from her reaction she knew she was. So Girl was relieved that there was no throwing of sharp objects but something tells Girl that if G had messed with half the French rugby team and half the netball team, J will not go anywhere. The power of love aye!!

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Accessory to Infidelity?

 Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a beautiful appartment with a couple, Jill and Gillian. One weekend J  went away to a music festival to listen and play music with other like minded music loving hippies. A couple of hours after J left, G was sad and upset because she was missing her girlfriend. This sadness did not last long because G went out partying all night long.

At 5am Girl was awoken by soft music and chit chatter. Girl was not pleased at having her sleep disturbed but used the opportunity to answer a nature call, Girl went downstairs and G looked deep in intimate cosy conversation with a strange woman, who Girl was later to learn was called ‘Melissa’. Girl felt like a little girl who has just caught mummy doing something with someone that wasn’t daddy. Girl did not witness anything physical, as in PHYSICAL but could sense there was something happening that would not be happening if J was around, that’s for sure.

Next morning, Girl awoke to find Melissa sleeping on the couch. Luckily G was not with her, now that would have been awkward. Melissa woke up shortly after and went upstairs to see G, who was in bed. That definitely would not happen if J was home. She stayed a while upstairs with G then came down got dressed, ate some cereal and left. Girl looked at G, who had the guiltiest smile plastered on her face. Girl demanded an explanation for this brazen display of sluttery. Gill said M was infact an ex-girlfriend and said nothing happened. Girl didn’t believe her but G was insistent. However if nothing happened, could the same nothing have happened if J was home. Girl asked G whether she was going to mention this ‘innocent’ event to J, G was not forthcoming. So Girl said she wouldn’t mention it to J as it was not my place to do that. However following deeper conversation Girl finds out that G is in fact really attracted to a guy she works with. WTF?? Girl wonders if she is living in a bad soap opera.

J comes home while G is out partying as she has been all weekend and sees the folded-up blankets on the couch. G promptly asks Girl who stayed over at the weekend, Girl felt lump in her throat and expertly avoided answering the question the first two times J asked it. The third time was not easy to escape answering, so Girl vaguely said she couldn’t remember what the person’s name was. Damn G why didn’t she get rid of the damn evidence. So now Girl feels that there is some shit going to hit the fan and is not at all happy feeling like an accessory to this.

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Should I stay or should I go

 Recently I decided to get more pro-active on the new job search front, so I sent my CV off to agencies and applied online for jobs that in reality I don’t think I have a rats arse of getting but hey, I am in a ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ mood.

Well a few days ago I receive a phone call from one of the agencies I had sent my CV to and the lady on the other end said she just needed to ask me a few questions.

  1. Did I realise that the agency and jobs that they recruit for is based in <insert another European city her>? Response: yes
  2. So I am willing to relocate? Response: yes
  3. How quickly am I willing to relocate? Panic as this was not an expectant question, actually this was not an expectant call, FULL STOP!! Response: 3-4 weeks (kick myself after saying this)
  4. What was my expectant salary bracket? Response: Well let me put it this way, after rushing home to look at the agency’s site and the pay brackets of the jobs advertised, if i doubled my figure, they wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. So kicking myself for original response to this question.

Anyway I have a phone interview scheduled for next week. Now I have been mulling over this predicament for a while and I have a few questions of my own.

  1. Am I really willing to relocate again? I love the city and country I am in but my job is not the greatest, but I am making great strides with the language learning thing, which was one of the main reasons for being here in the 1st place. But the job prospects here suck. But it means starting all over again if I leave.
  2. What if I really get offered a job that pays shed loads? You wouldn’t believe this but this actually scares me, and it scares me because I think it is a strong possibility (not meaning to blow my own trumpet but hey). And also a job that pays shed loads tends to have have a shed lots of responsibility and problems. Am I ready for that?
  3. What would my flatmates think? Okay this one is one of my main worries believe it or not because one half of the couple is going off on a six month ‘finding myself adventure to developing countries’  trip and I am here for rent and company for the remaining one, so I would feel really crappy if I left them in the lurch.

Quite rightly some of you are thinking, but you have not been offered a job yet, so what is with all the ‘What if’ questions. Sorry but I am that kind of girl, I need to know what I would do in the case of any eventualities. Well I have some questions for you dear reader:

  1. If you were offered an interesting job and the pay was okayish (not talking big bucks here) would you relocate?
  2. If you were offered an interesting job with great money, with the circumstances that I mentioned e.g flatmates, leaving lovely city, would you go?


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