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Coming out of hibernation

It has been a while, a long while because like with what seems to be the entire population of France, I am on holiday. Back home and enjoying the schizophrenic (sp) summer weather. I have been doing the usual catching up with friends thing, which is always nice. Some of the niceties of being back include:

  • Observing a punk with the highest mohican in the world get on the tube and no one bats an eyelid (so cool)
  • Having conversations where I understand every single word
  • Getting my fix of trash TV (mainly imported from the States, no offence guys) and not feeling guilty. [Aside: Ladies, would you go on TV to test up to 8 guys to ascertain the paternity of your child?]
  • Double Sausage and Egg Mcmuffins, Nandos Veggie Pittas and Curry
  • Boots, Superdrug and One pound shops

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