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He did it !!!

obama1For the past few days, I have been reading and listening to the election forecast polls, as the time was getting nearer and the people on the TV were talking as though Barack Obama would be the new president. I couldn’t bring myself to think it was possible, and hoped it would happen. I mean I thought the nearest in my life I would get to see a black guy as president was watching 24. However I woke up this morning and switched on my computer and saw his picture in front of the American flag with the caption ‘THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE USA’. I felt goosebumps all over my body, and just stared at my screen and kept saying ‘Holy Shit, it is true, he did it’. I felt strangely emotional and I knew I would be happy but I did not think I would feel the sort of emotion that I felt. Then I saw a picture of him and his entire family in Chicago and that just threw me over the edge. I spent the whole day not able to concentrate on work but just smiling like a crazy person. I just wanted to go home and watch the news and listen to his speech and the nations reaction.

I don’t know him, I am not a citizen of his country but I felt so proud of this human being. However I have to say as well as being proud of him, I felt so proud of America as a nation. I like many never thought they would vote for a black guy, (mixed race to be more accurate) but they did. What makes me even happier is that I strongly feel that the reason he was chosen was not his primarily about his colour but the fact that he promised change. Americans I feel have been hurt by the cock-up of Bush’s administration that if an armadillo stood up and promised change they would vote for it. This is not taking anything away from Obama (as if I would) but the majority of Americans want change and they are don’t care what colour or creed the person that will bring that change is, as long as he makes positive changes. Even ice queen Condeleeza Rice looked bewildered and moved in her speech.

This sounds cheesy but this election is so monumental because what it has done is to show people of All colours, wealth, religion that you can achieve big things if you put your mind to it. Today I tried talking to my French colleagues about some the events and they really didn’t give a toss. The common reaction was ‘God I am glad it is over, all I have heard is about elections’. Their is some serious displeasure that their news and TV programmes have been saturated with US election news, and there is relief that they can go back to hearing about all things French. I can understand this because it has been US election crazy here, even the daily news entertainment/magazine type show here ‘Le Grand Journal’ have moved their entire set to New York for the week including their weather girl who is reporting on French weather from New York, ludicrous. However it seems that the French think the world does not exist outside France. One colleague said ‘I don’t care what happens over there’. Ermm you should bloody care because as someone quite cleverly stated, ‘If the US sneezes, there is a chance the rest of the world will be in bed with a cold’. I don’t think that the US is the best country in the world (apart from at this moment of course :-)) but there is no denying that they have a huge influence in the world.

Anyway I have to say watching the John McCain speech, my heart went out to him. You could see he fought for this so bad but he really had no chance with the legacy that was left by Bush and he did not do himself any favours by picking Palin as his running mate. People can’t over the fact that if the poor man kills over they will have a woman who thinks Russia is in her back garden as President.

Now as we look forward, even if you didn’t support him, pray that he does great for his country and delivers on his promises.


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Holy Moly!!

 I am tickled pink right now and do you know why? I am now a published author. Okay I shall explain. I don’t know if any of you regular readers remember this post. Well lo and behold, my blog entry made it into the book. I am so excited, I think I might just cry or pee my pants. O what the heck I think I might just do both. The frustrating thing is that no one in the world knows that I have this blog, so I can’t share the news with any of my friends and family. That really sucks big time. But part of me enjoys having this little secret of my own. However when you get good news, you tend to want to share it. Well I am sharing it with you all.

My excitement aside this book is for a super good cause, War Child and I feel proud to have contributed to this. The amazing Peach organised all this with the assistance of four other bloggers. The book costs £12. 50, of which £6 goes to Warchild and the rest mainly goes to the production. However if you buy it as a download, a whopping £10 goes to Warchild. You can purchase the book from here. So go on buy a copy, you know you want to.

Right I have some tears to mop and knickers to change.

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Roll on 2008..

wine.jpg I have not blogged recently because to be honest I have not really had a lot to blog about! I realised that it has been a year and a half since I started blogging and I have shocked myself because I typically start something and it doesn’t last very long. I get so bored so easily but having it going on this long feels like an achievement for me.

I went back home for the Christmas holidays, and after two days of being home, I wanted to run back screaming to France. When you have lived away from home for a few years and you go home, through no fault of your own, you revert back to being a child again. It drove me crazy.

A new year always makes people feel the need to re-evaluate their lives, the past, the future etc. It is a good thing but with all new resolutions made, how many are actually achieved. This time last year, these were my resolutions and let’s just say they totally apply today, as none of them were achieved. I still have not shifted those pesky pounds, in fact I have added more pesky pounds (damn those French baguettes and cheeses), I am still impatient with my mother ( to be fair the Pope would be impatient with my mother). I should have known when I made that resolution that it was equivalent to saying ‘I shall become the President of Kazakstan’ in a year. I am still crappy with money even though I am making less of it, go figure. But I did sell my Nintendo DS. 

So this year not making any resolutions, as I think they are useless!! Why wait till the New Year to make changes. This year will be played by ear. Take it as it comes, ride the wave of life (cheesy) and see where I end up. To be honest last year was pretty good in my book, and if this year happens to be better, that will just be marvellous as far as I am concerned :0

Happy New Year everybody!!!

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Grrrrr Families..

wedding.jpg When I started in the blogging world, I wrote a post about the pressure from mother dearest to find myself a fella to settle down and have lots of sugar babies with. Now my sister has jumped on the bandwagon. What is it with these people? I sense the panic in their voices when they ask why I haven’t met anyone nice to live in matrimonal hell with.

Don’t get me wrong I am sure marriage is lovely and all that, but I am feel that these things happen when the time is right and when it is meant to happen.  I am sure we each know off someone (tends to be ladies, sorry for betraying the sisterhood but it is true) who really really wants to get married or find the one so badly that the desperation oozes out of their pores. You know the type of person that sees EVERY single man as a potential hubby, even the local Catholic priest. Desperation is not pretty and men can smell it a mile off. 

I am not at that stage yet and pray that I will never get there but people telling me at what stage I should be in my life purely based on my age is seriously pissing me off. Heck it is 2007, people no longer have to get married at 14 and be expecting their 7th child by the time they are 24 – jeez.

I know, I know they are only on my case because they care. There is a very fine line between caring and being a royal pain the backside. Rant over!!

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Missing Home

laughter.jpg Some friends came down for the weekend to help celebrate my birthday. Another day older but not another day wiser. Having them here made me a bit homesick. I have not laughed so much over the past few months, than I have over the weekend. It was just that familiarity of being able to giggle silly, make fun of each other, express squeals of delight and horror as we recall and relay tales of disastrous love escapades. Reminise about our holidays, which always has a story that gets told over and over again. I miss that so much.

While they were here soaking up the beauty of the city that I now call home, I was busy soaking and drowning in their presence. As we walk past every beautiful monument or welcoming boulangerie they would gasp and say how lucky I was to live here. They are right I am lucky but when we are sitting in a restaurant laughing her heads off,  I realise I miss them. It is not the location of home that I miss but the people that were part of my life. Also what brought it home to me was one evening we were drinking at a bar, and I invited a French friend to join us. We were chatting and laughing away, my friends were making fun of my dodgy French, and it was all very typical girlie banter. Later in the evening, my friends left as they were tired and they knew I was trying to get some private French lessons with the boy 🙂 The guy mentions that I behave a bit crazy when my friends are about. He didn’t mean it in a bad way but still. Crazy, wtf? Show a bit of personality and you get labelled as crazy.  I am not a bloody Jane Austen character, who sniggers behind a hankerchief, or treats cross stitching as the ultimate in extreme sports.

In the bar, saw a girl who looked so cool wearing a Trilby (which I think rarely happens) it hurt. I pointed her out to French guy and he promptly proclaimed that he thinks she is a lesbian. I nearly choked on my beer. Just because she isn’t all flowy hair and floral prints, she gets labelled a lesbian. The irony is the girl wore the sort of outfit that would get Kate Moss lorded over in the press as a style icon. A bit of individuality seems to scare people here.

When my friends were here, I had a moan about more or less everything. Currently there have been circumstances that have arisen that might mean that I might have to go back home prematurely and this scares me because despite it all I am not ready to pack up and go home just yet. It has not been easy these past few months but I am so not ready to go home. I want to give here a really good bash and despite a lot of problems encountered and protests from me, I love the experiences I am having, both the good and the bad. Not everyone gets the chance to do what I am doing, I know I am lucky. But…

I miss my friends 😦

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Bad babysitter, part deux

ch1.jpg After my last babysitting experience, I swore that I will not go back. Once bitten, twice shy. However after giving myself a pep talk that went along the lines of ‘Little Miss Awkward, you ain’t no quitter…..’, I decided that I would give it another chance. Went back to the home of ‘Jack and Jill’, actually Jacques and Gille seems more appropriate in this case – the two most precocious children I have ever met.

To mum’s relief I arrive bang on time, with a warm welcome from both Jacques and Gille. A bit surprised by the welcoming smile from Jacques, following our last adventure. I guess it is true what they say, children are very forgiving.  Mum speeds off, with an approximate time of return, however have been warned that this is likely to change. Crikey!! Immediately Gille suggests baking, I refuse. Gille ignores my refusal and starts bring out baking ingredients. I refuse again stating that we baked last time and should do something different this time. Gille pouts, I pretend not to notice. I ask Jacques what he would like to do, he wants to paint. Gille does not want to paint. Jacques wants to play Nintendo. Remind Jacques that mum has vetoed all TV and computer games. Jacques looks dejected at this. Inwardly I am dejected by this too but shall not show children my disappointment that I can’t throw them in front of the TV and sit on my arse drinking coffee.

Mum has informed me they like parlour games. Oh great, parlour games! Ok, bear with me, while I conjour up the spirits of Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes and some old ye dickens characters to help me think of some ‘parlour games’. Unfortunately I was born in this century and ‘parlour games’ are not really my forte.  But I guess charades qualifies as a ‘parlour game’.  I explain to Jacques and Gille the rules of charades. They look at me like I have just grown two heads and refuse to play. But Gille suggests we play ‘meem’. ‘Meem’, I ask? Never heard of it. It is called ‘Mime’ in English. Remind Gille that French speaking has also been vetoed by mum, while I am around. Gilles goes on to explain the rules of ‘Mime’, and to my annoyance it is the same bloody thing as charades.

Being Miss Bossy Breetches herself, Gille opts to go first. Gille announces that she is doing a person. Gilles picks up an umbrella <props are allowed in this version>, opens it up <I wince and think, opening an umbrella indoors, has just bought you 10 years of bad luck young lady> she twirls umbrella, and dances about singing, ‘Ham zinging inz ze rain, juszt zinging inz ze rain, oh vot ha feelingz, zo happyz againz’. This is easy, “You are doing Gene Kelly”, I yell out. Gille, says “No”.  What does she mean no, what else could she be doing? I tell her I give up and there was no way Jacques knew the answer to this one. Gille looks me straight in the face like I am stupid and says, “I am doing a French girl who can’t speak English, singing an English song”. I burst out laughing uncontrollably. Oh that is what it was, it was as clear as mud. As we failed to get this correct, she kept on going with the other well known mimes/charades like ‘The bad girl, who came home from school and kicked her school bag against the wall’ and of course that old favourite ‘ Their father coming home from work, and putting on his slippers to watch TV’. Not to be outdone Jacques mimes, ‘An opera singer with a bad leg’ and ‘A teacher teaching naughty children’. Good times!!

Gille wants a drink, so off to the kitchen we go. Open the cupboard to get some cups, and while trying to stop Jacques from drinking orange syrup with a dash of water, I hear a thud, closely followed by a very loud ouch. Turn around to find cupboard door that I had opened had somehow fallen on Gille’s head. <shit>panicked expression on my face<shit> My whole life flashed past me in 10 seconds. Holy Christ, I didn’t come to France to kill someone’s child!! Gille is rubbing her head. I join in rubbing her head. What else can I do? It is not bleeding but, she is a child and there might be some internal damage. She says she is okay but is clearly in pain. I wonder whether to call mum, but Gille says she is fine. I rub her head again. You never know I might have a touch of that thing that guy had in the ‘The Green Mile’. Gille runs off to carry on dancing, internally my heart was doing the same. If she falls asleep and never wakes up, my excuse of ‘she looked fine’ will not wash in court or in my conscience.

Luckily mum comes home, and I immediately disclose Gille’s injury. Mum looks bemused and tells me not to worry, apparently Gille is used to being bruised all the time. Oh thank God for that!! Mum thanks me and invites me to dinner next week. Rather taken back, as people don’t usually invite the hired help for dinner. Maybe it is a French thing, or maybe I might be waitressing the dinner.  I accept graciously and run out the door. Only to return 30 seconds later because I left my money again!!

I never learn, do I?

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Money, Money, Money

money.jpg I used to play the lottery. Like a lot of other people out there, I wanted my shot at being a millionaire – the easy way. I know that money does not buy you happiness, but it does buy an awful lot of freedom. Like all the other people who dream of hitting the jackpot, I have already mentally figured out how the money would be spent. However without having the money for real, I can forsee all the problems that having the money would cause. Here is my breakdown of how I will spend £1 million (yes I do still think in pounds sterling). I will do the usual things like pay off parents mortgage, and give siblings some money. But, there is always a but. What percentage do you give your siblings? A million is a lot but is not really a lot in the grand scheme of things 🙂  

Think about it you could spend a million, so easily and quickly. If you don’t have a home, you would want to buy a home. As a millionaire, it is unlikely that you would want to buy your house in an area where police sirens provide the street lighting on a daily basis. The average home in London is approximately £200k and that is not for a grand property. That is your average two bedroom house. So maybe you spend around £300k on a house, to get something decent. That is quite a dent in your million already. Lets say you have another 50 or more years left on the planet, you will need a chunk kept for the future. So you might put 200k in a high interest savings account, that you will never touch. So you need your ‘play’ money, to pay off your debts, which the majority of people on this planet have in one way or the other. You might want to buy a brand new car. As someone who has only driven second hand cars all her life, this is a fantasy for me. To buy a brand new car, straight from the manufacturer. I want to smell the newness of a new car. I want to see 000000 on the mileage reader. I wouldn’t give a toss if the car was a Peugeot 206, as long as it is newwwww!!  You would also want  keep some in your current account and tell the bank manager where to go with his extortionate overdraft rates. So this would be about £50k. With paying off your parents mortgage,  you have already used more than half of your million. Actually it is nearly three quarters of your million. 

Okay you obviously have to give to charidee. You will have to be a pretty tight bastard, if you have won all that money and not give a penny to charity. I will give £50k to Facing the World. There are lots of charities to help but this one really pulled at my heart strings. They do an amazing job by treating children/people with severe facial disfigurements from around the world, who do not have the resources or finances in their countries. Because of the amazing job they do,  young kids in rural villages in third world countries no longer get stoned or spat at by their peers because they look different.  It gives people a chance of a normal existence without being treated like freaks.  If you do give to charity, do consider these guys!!

Do you carry on working? Of course you do. Unless you are over 50, and deserve to retire early, what else are you going to do all day with the rest of your life? Because if you are younger, I can pretty guarantee that money wouldn’t last, as long as you think it would. Don’t believe me, ask the lotto lout. Well I intend to after a year travelling the world or doing something like that. Then come back take my time and find a job that interests me.

So you give your siblings some. Still undecided how much I will give them. I actually love my siblings a lot, so it will have to be pretty substantial. Then your mum will tell you that you have to give aunt and uncle so and so money. Apart from one or two aunts that I actually know, like and have any contact with, I am not keen on showering money on the whole littlemissawkward extended family tree. Then you have to make concessions for all the relatives that crawl out of the woodwork, with tales of sorrow and woe. The relatives that will remind you that they once changed your nappy when you were two weeks old.  I was reading Rita Marley’s (Bob Marley’s widow) biography about their life together. Bob Marley didn’t leave a will, therefore so many people came forward to claim they had a right to his estate. One man claimed he was Rita Marley’s aborted child, who survived the abortion without her knowing. I laughed hard at this but what tipped me over the edge was this man was roughly the same age, if not older than Rita. Money does makes people act crazy!!

Will you tell your friends you have won this money? Well they might wonder how you managed a move from the rat infested cupboard that used to be your flat to a swanky five bedroom house in the suburbs.  You would like to think and hope that your friends will not change towards you but in reality some will and hopefully some wouldn’t. When you go to a restaurant or bar, are you now expected to pick the tab, when before you all split it down the middle? There is no doubt that as a millionaire (well half a millionaire at this stage), your mentality would change. When people who win say, ‘It will never change me’ – I find that annoying. Of course it will change you. How does it not change you?

As you can see I have clearly not giving this much thought 😉 . What would you do with a million?

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Bad Babysitter

 A friend sent this ad via email to me a few weeks ago:

‘We are a nice family looking for a native speaker, male or female, who likes children and could come twice a week to our place to talk and play with our children. Are you interested??’

Native speaker -CHECK, male or female – (last time I looked, I fell into one of these categories) CHECK,  likes children – (well I like my nieces and nephews and they are children, so same thing) CHECK, interested? – sure, why not!! How hard can it be to play and talk to a couple of these little cherubs?

10 am – Arrive at home of ‘Jack and Jill’ for the 1st babysitting session. Pleasant exchange with mum and up to see ‘Jack and Jill’

10:10am – Jack and Jill would like me to join in and play with their two guinea pigs, who I am assured don’t bite.  Not too keen on petting Jack and Jill’s guinea pigs but I do (and smile while doing it). Jack wants me to carry guinea pig, I do not want to carry guinea pig and therefore suggests that guinea pig might want to stay in cage. Jack insists I hold and carry guinea pig and I agree (and smile) but luckily for me guinea pig does not want to be carried 🙂

10:30am – Jack and Jill would like to bake something. Great idea, me thinks. Au revoir guinea pigs!! Mum provides us with recipes books for what to bake. Jill does not want anything that has chocolate, and Jack does not want anything made with lemons. Jack and Jill argue over what to bake, with Jill not allowing Jack to have a say because she is older and bigger and an overall bossy boots.  Me trying to convince Jill, that a lemon meringue pie and tiramisu is not really a feasible option for a baking novice with two kiddies.

10.45am – Manage to convince Jack and Jill that cookies are the way to go, as cookies are what ‘normal’ kids bake not bloody (not exact words) profiteroles or blackforest gateau

10.50am – Recipe is in French but quite easy to follow. Measuring out ingredients with kids ‘helping’. Jill tells me that I have put too much flour. I tell Jill that I am following measurement of recipe but Jill insists that it is enough, and I tell her (through gritted teeth) it is not!!

10.55am – As I mix cookie dough, I tell Jill to add the flour slowly. Jill tells me that she knows how to do it and she is not stupid (I smile) and tell Jill that I know she is not stupid.

11.00am – Jack and Jill want to add coloured sprinkles to cookie dough. Jack spills his sprinkles all over the floor. Tell Jack to get the dustpan and brush and start sweeping (catch them when they are young).

11.05am – Jill spills her sprinkles all over the floor. Tell Jill to get the dustpan and brush and start sweeping. Jill tells me she can’t because when she was smaller she was looked after like a Queen. (I smile) Tell Jill that her reign is over, get on your royal hands and knees and start sweeping up your mess, you little….. (not exact words)

11.15am – First batch of cookies in oven, two minutes later Jill insists they are ready. Tell Jill no they are not ready and to stop opening the goddam (not exact words) oven.

11.25am – Cookies out of the oven. Tell Jack and Jill to let them cool down and to stop piercing them with the knife and poking them with their dirty fingers. 

11.45 – Second batch of cookies out of the oven. Tell Jack to stop blowing them, as they are not fucking candles (not exact words) and I intend to taste these cookies (bloody deserve it) and don’t want a gob full of his saliva on my cookie. Jack ignores my instruction and receives stern instruction to stop. Jack’s lower lips starts to quiver, followed by words, “you don’t have to scream at me”. <shit> Panicked expression on my face <shit> Jill reassures me that I did not scream and Jack does this sort of thing a lot. Feel so much better. Cuddle Jack, apologise for ‘screaming’, offer him a (very hot) cookie but too little, too late, as Jack now hates me. Might tell mum I screamed at him and might get labelled as ‘bad babysitter’.

11.55am – Jill tells me that these cookies are better than other babysitter’s cookies and she likes baking with me. Jack goes to play with guinea pigs.

12.00pm – Mum is home, makes appointment for next week (which I am not sure I will be keeping), hands over money (not enough for this kind of headache) and tells children to say,’Thank you’ and ‘Goodbye’. Noticeable lack of effort from Jack.. I am out of there so fast, that I forget money on kitchen table. Return to get my money and ran for freedom!!!

 I AM NEVER HAVING KIDS…………………………………………………..EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Lord Is Watching

praying-hands.jpg One of the many constant sources of friction between my mum and I, is my attendance at church. Every Sunday without fail, she would ask, ‘Did you go to Mass today?’  and most of the time I would lie and say yes just to prevent an argument. This question used to annoy me when I was back in the UK and living on MY own, in MY flat, which I bought by MYSELF, as an ADULT. The question is equally, if not more annoying when I am in a different country, and my church going activities are still being monitored. Okay putting my mum and my annoyance with her to one side. I really wrestle with this one.

Born and raised in a Catholic household, I have always been dragged to church. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God, I really do. But from what I have seen in my not so short life, the really hardcore church goers are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen. They are the ones that behave in the most un-Godly way. They can be mean, they can be so judgemental, did I mention hypocrites but by going to church on that one day or in some cases several times a week, they believe it absorbs them off the wrong that they pepertuate in everyday life. I believe in God and I do have faith in him but I don’t believe that you have to go to a particular building to worship him. Like the bible says, God is everywhere, so I should be allowed to pray and talk to God anywhere.

Also part of what prevents me from going to church is I feel like one of those hypocrites I mentioned earlier. I feel a fraud because although I try to be a good person, try not to hurt others, try to be respectful, thoughtful and kind to my fellow man, as a human being I do fall short. I do things in my everyday life which if some were to be believed, means I have bought myself a first class ticket on Concorde to hell!!!  I have views and opinions that does not align with The Bible’s teachings like I curse, I have very impure thoughts and I have fornicated and I am not yet married 🙂 , and I actually don’t think homosexuals will or should burn in hot hell fire.

My sister called me the least religious person she knows. This I really resent. Just because I am not hollering the Lord’s name at every opportunity does not mean that I am not religious. It is not a competition to see who ‘looks’ more religious. If you are a religious person, show it by your deeds and actions in  everyday life not for just an hour or two on a Sunday.

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Postcard from Africa Part Two

africa.jpg There are various things that I love about being in this part of the world but bitten to death by mosquitos is not one of them. The little infectious suckers are eating me alive and I have stupidly not taken any Malaria tablets beforehand. It was rather silly of me but I was so busy I totally forgot. Malaria is something that I dread getting as it is not only a horrible illness, it kills!!

I got my hair braided today for less that five pounds (approx $8 for the benefit of my American chums), this would have cost me 60 pounds in the UK. Money goes so much further here, however I do feel guilty when I go to the market with my sister, as she will haggle the hind legs off a donkey but I always think whatever we are buying is so cheap (to me) that I feel so bad for trying to get it at an even reduced price. Of course the reality is different for my sister who lives in the country, although she is better off than a lot of other people, she does not get paid European or American wages. 

Being here can be so weird at times because it is so conservative, little things like my men wearing any form of jewellery like earrings or braiding their hair (as like hip hop artists) is seen as a vagabondish thing to do, it indicates that they are rogues 🙂 . Women can’t enter a Catholic church wearing trousers and have to cover their heads with scarves, but when I got church in the the UK, I usually wear jeans and some sort of top.

Money is a huge factor in your standing in this society. It is the same everywhere but more so here. If you are twenty three years old and have a lot of money, someone who is sixty something treats you like a God. They would call you ‘madame’ or ‘sir’ just because you have better financial status. It is somewhat sad.

Ooops I have to cut this blog short prematurely 🙂

 To be continued………………

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