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Fleeting flirtations

romance.jpg I have not had a date in absolutely ages and I am gagging for one. I am fine being a single gal, and I am definitely not one of those women that feels that I need a man to validate my existence. But there are some times when some attention is nice and lately I have been wanting that. Meeting people is extremely difficult especially if like me you are not the biggest social butterfly. So my only opportunities have been at work.

For a while every week, there is this guy that I meet at work. We have this playful, jokey relationship. Before we had the Christmas break before leaving he said to me, ‘Have a great Christmas, there will be great things for you and me next year’. Being a girl, I analysed this statement to death. Does he mean 2008 is going to a good year for us seperately? Or does he mean that it will be a good year for us together? Or is it an Italian saying (he is Italian)? Whichever way he meant it, I left work beaming like an idiot. As though I had just won the lottery.

So obviously I was looking forward to 2008 like crazy. Week 1, 2008, he did not come in, neither did he come in week 2,3 and 4. I was really sad about not seeing him. But today he made an appearance. I was so shocked at how happy I was to see him. I was grinning stupidly. Told him it was good to have him back, he held my gaze for a moment too long. My insides were doing cartwheels. When he leaves he touches my shoulder. I love that, it feels intimate but not doesn’t look weird to the others around. I don’t know if the touches are an Italian thing too. I am so looking forward to seeing him next week.

What usually happens in this situation is nothing comes of it. Because I never make the first move and they don’t. So it becomes one of those fleeting things that comes and then goes. But this time, I don’t want it to be fleeting, I would like to at least have a coffee with him. And before anyone suggests making the first move, I know me and I would rather sniff Johnny Vegas’ sweaty boxers, while running through a nettle field naked rather than make the move. Don’t ask me why but I can’t bring myself to do it. I am seriously hoping he does, I mean he is old enough to be experienced in these matters because he is old enough to be my dad 😉


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Random Nights

music.jpg Tagged along with my flatmates, to their friend’s bar. I had heard stories about the bar, you know bar brawls, broken windows that sort of thing. So I was expecting a dive of a place, however when I got there it was quite a charming little bar. Very cosy, with a jazz band playing…nice!! So arrived very sober, we perched ourselves by the bar, ordered our drinks, and it started.

A random American guy just got into the middle of our group and said, ‘You know, it sho is nace to hear people speaking English around here’. Okaaay. He introduced himself and we introduced ourselves. His name was Wayne. Wayne looked a bit like Daniel Craig, which I mentioned. My housemate chipped in saying, “that was subtle”. I guess it sounded like a pick up line but totally wasn’t supposed to be. He was cute, and spoke in a Forest Gump kinda way. I had this feeling that he was going to latch unto us for the whole night, which he did but it ended up being a good thing. Wayne turned out to be a really nice guy.

The band playing, were so ‘jazzy’, I mean the double bass player at a point looked like he was making love to his instrument (no pun) and the guy on the drums was contorting his face so much he was giving Joe Cocker a run for his money.  It was so entertaining. The music was good and I was trying really hard to be adult and appreciate it but it was hard trying not to pee my pants from laughter. Anyway as the beer flowed and the time went by, the freaks came out of the woodwork.

Rockabilly guy – Late 40s with bad teeth. Came up to me, shook my hands and promptly told me how much he loved rock-a-billy music. Didn’t understand a word he said and in between words he would burst into song.  And playing the imaginary harmonica.

Scary lady – Met her in the smoking hurdle outside. (Smoking not permitted inside buildings now). She spoke at a million decibels and informed us ‘a good kid is a dead kid’. Okaayyyyyyyyy.

Amourous man – In his 60s, had a habit of kissing my hand, forcing me to kiss his, linking hands, trying to kiss me on the lips (shudder) and trying to get free beer from our pitcher. Also had a weird obsession with the natural gap between my front teeth.

The needy lady- Fairly attractive lady in her late 20s. Has a reputation for picking up a different guy every weekend at the same bar.  She got her claws into Wayne as soon as she walked into the bar. She went for a cigarette with Wayne and never came back. Hmmmmm

The domino man – As described, he kept collapsing on people causing a Domino effect.

The dead man – Early 60s, didn’t move a muscle and stared ahead, wore a hat too.

The stood-up guy- Late 30s, met a lady the previous evening, and felt a ‘close proximity’ to her. Arranged to meet her but she never showed. Foolish lady, he was quite fit!!

The I-am-drunk-but-trying-not-to-show-it lady – Late 20s, had a bit too much to drink and was talking to every Tom, Dick and Harry at the bar. Clearly pissed but trying to convince herself and others that she is stone cold sober. Ermm this was me!!

It was a fun night yall  🙂

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Roll on 2008..

wine.jpg I have not blogged recently because to be honest I have not really had a lot to blog about! I realised that it has been a year and a half since I started blogging and I have shocked myself because I typically start something and it doesn’t last very long. I get so bored so easily but having it going on this long feels like an achievement for me.

I went back home for the Christmas holidays, and after two days of being home, I wanted to run back screaming to France. When you have lived away from home for a few years and you go home, through no fault of your own, you revert back to being a child again. It drove me crazy.

A new year always makes people feel the need to re-evaluate their lives, the past, the future etc. It is a good thing but with all new resolutions made, how many are actually achieved. This time last year, these were my resolutions and let’s just say they totally apply today, as none of them were achieved. I still have not shifted those pesky pounds, in fact I have added more pesky pounds (damn those French baguettes and cheeses), I am still impatient with my mother ( to be fair the Pope would be impatient with my mother). I should have known when I made that resolution that it was equivalent to saying ‘I shall become the President of Kazakstan’ in a year. I am still crappy with money even though I am making less of it, go figure. But I did sell my Nintendo DS. 

So this year not making any resolutions, as I think they are useless!! Why wait till the New Year to make changes. This year will be played by ear. Take it as it comes, ride the wave of life (cheesy) and see where I end up. To be honest last year was pretty good in my book, and if this year happens to be better, that will just be marvellous as far as I am concerned :0

Happy New Year everybody!!!

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